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  • Native American Energy Healer
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Master
  • Holy Fire Karuna® Master
  • Advanced Theta Practitioner
  • Galactic Healing
  • Wellness Coach
  • Manifesting Coach

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The Polished Lady



To those on the Spiritual Journey,

I was so recently blessed to have attended a Reiki 1 and 2 class with Wanda. She impressed me with her knowledge, compassion, and deep desire to teach others about Reiki, and how it can empower people's lives. Wanda is very sincere in using her gifts to make the world a more beautiful place to live. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is on a path of spiritual learning.
Elaine B.


Wanda Ironheart

Wanda Ironheart is a Lakota Sioux from the Cheyenne River Tribe in South Dakota. Ironheart is blessed with the gift of healing just as her ancestors. Some of which include Katy Thunderhorse, John Standing Bear (click), Chief Joseph Milk Goodcane, George Medicine Horse (click).

Blending the Native American healing rituals as well as Eastern teachings, she is a master in the Holy Fire® Karuna® and Holy Fire® Reiki art of healing.

With her expertise in energy and spiritual healing, Ironheart aligns chakras and identifies and clears stagnate areas in need. She intuitively scans and sends essential energy to the areas of the body that are in a drought.

More than ten years ago she realized she was gifted from the Creator. Since that time she has been awakening to the experience of being a conduit for healing energy.

Whether it is aches and pains, chronic pain, depression, or spiritual related, Ironheart adroitly uses her skill to facilitate your well being. In addition, Ironheart wholeheartedly believes in the power of manifestation.

By using your thoughts, words, and her guidance Ironheart is certain the act of manifestation is within your reach.


An ancient, natural healing method, brought over from Japan in the mid 1930’s, Reiki, translates into spiritually guided healing energy.

Reiki practitioners bring about a natural balance of physical, spiritual and emotional well being to those they are healing. By placing their hands above their client’s body, the practitioners are able to heal by releasing energy and unblocking distorted energies, allowing the natural flow of positive energy.

During a reiki treatment, the body is cleansed of built-up toxins, pain is relieved, the mind is calmed and muscles are relaxed. Pent- up emotions are released and the body’s natural ability to heal accelerates.

It is not unusual for one receiving a Reiki attunement to feel the heat of the energy, dizziness, and crying as the chakras are aligned and the energy flows with all the positive energy.

“This small distress does not last long and is quite beneficial,” says Ironheart who has helped over hundreds of people since becoming a Reiki Master in 2006. Ironheart has seen the acceptance of this Eastern medicine practice meld with the Western world since beginning her journey in alternative health.

Rosanna Rogacion, a Reiki Master and freelance journalist, wrote the following in “Reiki and Western Medicine,” at NaturalBloom.com, “Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is one of the leading cardiovascular surgeons in the United States was one of the first to include a Reiki practitioner in his department at The Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York City, where he runs the heart assist device program and the Complementary Care Centre. The New York Times Magazine reported that Dr. Oz has allowed the use of Reiki during open heart surgeries and heart transplant operations. Says Dr. Oz: "Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals."

While most Reiki practitioners align the chakras, Ironheart has additionally been bestowed the gift of psychic intuitive healing in other areas than Reiki. This gift, one that isn’t studied for or one that a certificate is given --- is just an innate gift. Collette Baron Reid, nationally known intuitive counselor, author, motivational speaker and well known medium recognized Ironheart’s gift in one of her readings.

The first time Ironheart recognized this gift was she she held a very sickly puppy, one that was to die. “I could just feel the energy leaving my body and going into this puppy”, adds Ironheart.

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and irritable bowel syndrome, Ironheart began her nutritional wellness program and became aware how much her intuitive side began to flourish as she rid the toxins in her body with Reiki and other natural modalities _ of healing.

“I’m just a good Catholic girl, who enjoys riding my bicycle and playing with my Shepherd, Sam. But, I have this gift and I feel called to help people,” says Ironheart.

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